Irresistible Finds {Girly Pet Accessories}

Girly Pet Accessories

What can I say? I’m such a girly girl. I LOVE these pet inspired girly accessories for pet lovers. Totally Irresistible!

PS – Click on the image to get more info about the product.

1. Ted Baker London ‘Sassey – Dog Bobble’ Matinee Wallet

I would totally use this as a clutch to go out! Too cute!

Irresistible Finds - Girly Pet Accessories

2. Juicy Couture Cat Charm

I collect Juicy charms and LOVE this one! Meow!

Irresistible Finds - Girly Pet Accessories 3

3. Cara Couture ‘Peeking Cat’ iPhone 4 & 4S Case

I really need to get an iPhone because I’m missing out on all the cute cases!

Irresistible Finds - Girly Pet Accessories 4


4. Chihuahua Nail Art

I love Chihuahua’s and I love nail art!

Chihuahua Nail Art


5. Scottie Dog Charm from Tiffany and Co

This is definitely not in my budget currently but it’s still irresistible. REAL diamonds and Emeralds! Gorgeous.

Tiffany & Co Dog Charm

Which one of these do you find Irresistible? Leave a comment below or join us on Facebook!



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