DIY Christmas Bling Collar


Remember the Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater I made for Chuy using Tulip craft supplies? Well, they also sent me some iron on crystals and I just had to find a reason to use them! I picked up this red dog collar from the Dollar Tree to do a little experimenting and it actually came out really cute!

DIY Christmas Bling Collar by

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a DIY Christmas Bling Collar for your Dog or Cat! Be sure to check out our DIY Pet Project Gallery for lots of other ideas and don’t miss our DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs!

Supplies You Need

DIY Christmas Bling Collar

Time Required

  • 30 minutes or less

Step by Step Instructions

Step One

Open the collar and adjust it to the length needed for your pet’s neck. The reason for doing this is because once you’ve put the bling on, it’s difficult to slide the adjuster tab over it.

Step Two

Lay crystals in place and space them accordingly on the collar.

Step Three

Take out the heat transfer tool, move button to ON position and hold button down to heat.

DIY Christmas Bling Collar

Step Four

Using the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool, hold it on top of each crystal for a few seconds allowing it to adhere to the collar. Repeat until finished.

DIY Christmas Bling Collar

Note: Hard pressure is not needed, heat will melt glue. Too much pressure will cause tip to slip.

The Finished Product

Your finished product should look something like this:

DIY Christmas Bling Collar

DIY Christmas Bling Collar

DIY Christmas Collar Bling Chuy Chihuahua


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