DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater

I’m so honored and excited to be one of the bloggers chosen to be part of the Tulip Holiday Shimmer campaign! (If you follow me on InstaGram, you probably already knew that!) They sent me this huge box full of Tulip Shimmer Sheets, paint, glitter, and even some bling! Under one condition; create a holiday tutorial using the products. Um, yea I can totally do that! Of course I chose something that Chuy could wear and I plan on doing a few other tutorials using some of the other supplies in the box so stay tuned! Be sure to check out our DIY Christmas Bling Collar and DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs!

Winter Wonderland DIY Dog Sweater by


For this tutorial, I took a simple dog sweater and turned it into a blinged out winter wonderland sweater that is sure to make your pet look irresistible! Chuy is set for all his holiday partying.

Supplies You Need

  • 2 Tulip Shimmer Sheets
  • Tulip Glitter Fabric Paint (optional)
  • 1 Plain Dog Sweater
  • Paper Punch
  • Iron
  • Thin Cloth or Towel

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via Supplies

Time Required

  • 60 minutes

Step by Step Instructions

The beauty of using the Tulip Shimmer Sheets is that they give the look of glitter without the mess! AND, they are so simple and fun to use!

Step One

Using a paper punch or scissors, cut out snowflakes from the Tulip Shimmer Sheets. I used gold glitter and the silver hologram sheets. Cut out enough snowflakes to cover the back of your dog sweater.

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via Step 1

Tulip Glitter Transfer Sheets Cutouts

Step Two

Arrange the snowflake cutouts on the dog sweater. Make sure that the transfer side is touching the sweater. Otherwise they will not stick and will adhere to your cloth when you iron them on!

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via Step 2

Step Three

Carefully place the pressing cloth over your design.

Step Four

Heat dry iron to suitable setting for your dog sweater. Iron design in place, pressing firmly for 40 seconds. You may need to do this a second time to ensure the transfers stick.

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via Step 4

Step Five

Turn the sweater inside out and iron the transfers from the back.

Optional Step

I was going to use the Tulip Fabric Paint and put a few glittery squiggles on the sweater. However, once I finished ironing on the transfers, I decided not to. I thought it looked pretty with just the snowflakes. Feel free to add some extra bling on your dog sweater!

That’s it! This project is so simple but yet looks so festive and shimmery! Your final project should look something like this:

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater

Once the transfers are set you can let your dog try it on! Chuy is looking awfully dapper in his holiday sweater, don’t ya think?!

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater from

Oh and this is totally doggie proof. If you think the transfers will fall off, they won’t. Chuy rolled all around on the floor and everything stayed in place!

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via - Chuy Chihuahua

To check out more “irresistible” holiday projects with Tulip Shimmer Sheets and Tulip Paints, visit their website and social media channels here:

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Tulip and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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    YESSS!! I was hoping you’d do a sweater!! This is sooo cute! I don’t know how I didn’t think of doing this, but it’s perfect for my ugly sweater party! I got my pup a tacky sweater and was thinking of patches, but I’m SO using the Tulip products to decorate it! Thanks!
    Nicole recently posted..DIY Pom Pom Garland


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