Irresistible Pets Best of 2012

diy pet project ideas

2012 was a great year at Irresistible Pets so I decided to revisit our most popular posts. Here’s the post that you, our readers, found irresistible this year!

1. DIY Gold Elephant Bookends for $4!

DIY $4 Gold Elephant Bookends

2. Frozen Luau Dog Treats

DIY Frozen Luau Dog Treats

3. DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Toy

DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Dog Toy

4. DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater

DIY Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater via for Facebook

5. DIY Dog Rope Dog Toy

DIY Dog Rope Toy

We are excited for 2013 to bring you more “irresistible” deals, easy DIY pet projects, Chuy’s adventures, giveaways and more!

What was your favorite Irresistible Pets post? Let us know in the comments!

Happy New Year!


Love & Paws,

Mimi & Chuy

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