DIY Valentines Day Dog Toy

DIY Valentines Day Dog Rope Toy from

Save money and give your dog an “irresistible” Valentine’s Day gift! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Valentine’s Day rope toy for your dog! Want to bake a sweet treat? Check out our DIY Valentine’s Day Pup Cakes!

Budget: Free! | Time: 15 minutes | Difficulty: Easy

Tools + Supplies

  • 3 old t-shirts
  • Scissors

DIY Valentines Day Dog Rope Toy - Supplies


Begin by cutting 3 strips from each t-shirt. That’s 9 strips in total. Cut 2 additional strips that you will use to tie each end of the rope.

DIY Valentines Day Dog Rope Toy - Step 1


Twist the strips together and tie a knot at the top using one of the additional strips.

DIY Valentines Day Dog Rope Toy - Step 2


Separate the strips into 3 sections of 3 strips each and braid from the knot, down.


Once all the strips are braided together, tie a knot at the end of your rope using the second additional strip you cut in step one.

The Finished Product

Your rope should look something like this:

Happy Valentines Day DIY Dog Toy from

Chuy Chihuahua Approved!

Chuy LOVES his early Valentine’s Day toy! He was having a blast playing….so much fun he wore himself out! I hope your Irresistible Pets enjoy this as much as Chuy did! Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentines Day Dog Rope Toy - Chuy Chihuahua Approved

DIY Valentines Day Dog Rope Toy - Chuy Chihuahua Napping


Love & Paws,

Mimi & Chuy

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