Product Review – Minties Dental Treats

Product Review - Minties Dental Treats

I get Chuy’s teeth cleaned professionally by the vet once a year. However, in between cleanings and brushing, I usually give him a Greenie just about every day. After BlogPaws, I had the opportunity to work with Vet IQ to try out Minties.

I wondered how they compared to Greenies and I read this on the Minties website:

Minties® contain five natural breath fresheners compared to the two for Greenies. These breath fresheners work in multiple ways to promote fresh breath for your dog. Both Minties® and Greenies have a mechanical action to help clean the teeth and remove the plaque and tartar. Minties® do not contain wheat or grain and are easily digested. And last but not least, Minties® sell for just a fraction of the cost of Greenies

I don’t normally do product reviews for food or treats but I decided to give these a shot. Overall, I’ve been happy with Minties and most importantly so has Chuy. Here are my pros and cons based on my experience with the product.

Minties Dental Treats for Dogs

Pros – Minties Dental Treats

  • Minties come in various sizes depending on the weight of your dog. Chuy eats the “tiny” size.
  • Minties are made in the USA. I refuse to buy any treats from China after all the issues that have been reported.
  • Minties can be used in between teeth cleanings to clean teeth, freshen breath, and remove plaque and tarter.
  • Minties can be purchased at or in the store, which means I can pick them up along with MY groceries!

Cons – Minties Dental Treats

  • Chuy nearly inhales Minties when I give him one which concerns me that he could choke. I did a lot of research on this because some people don’t believe in these teeth cleaning treats because they think their dogs don’t fully digest them. Minties claims to be easily digested. Personally, we didn’t experience any issues with digestion.
  • Minties are only available in Wal-Mart or Sams. This is a con if I’m already at PetSmart picking up Chuy’s RX food. I like to make as few stops as possible!

Are Minties Irresistible?

Chuy definitely thinks that Minties are Irresistible! I’m going to give Minties 4 out of 4 paws for this review!

Chuy was patiently waiting for me to give him a Mintie!


I decided to take a Vine of Chuy eating his Mintie because my pics of him always come out blurry when he’s in motion.

Have you tried Minties before? What did you like about them?

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