Cape Hatteras with Chuy Chihuahua

This past weekend we went down to Cape Hatteras for the day to go fishing with my parents. I’ve been going to Hatteras since I was a baby. You can say it’s like a second home to me. My husband recently got into fishing and of course he had to try out all his new Christmas gifts! Boy was it COLD! It was 20 degrees when we left the house and I think the high was somewhere between 30-40…of course being on the beach always feels colder! The cold didn’t stop Chuy and his little cousin Mimi from having a blast exploring the beach! I wanted to share a few pics of Chuy’s adventure in today’s post.

The best part of Hatteras is that if you have a 4X4 vehicle, you can drive on the beach. It used to be free but now they require a permit to help with the wildlife conservation efforts. The permit office is right next to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, so we had to snap a quick pic of Chuy!

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with Chuy Chihuahua

There are so many deer all over the island. We saw this beauty right before we got on the ramp to drive on the beach.

Cape Hatteras Deer

Here is Mimi and Chuy wandering around, exploring the beach!

Cape Hatteras Dog Friendly

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with Mimi

Cape Hatteras Seashore with Chuy Chihuahua

They must have seen or heard something interesting because they both stopped in their tracks!

Cape Hatteras with Chuy Chihuahua and Mimi

Taking a break and warming up inside of the truck!

Chuy Chihuahua

Here’s a little recap of some of the Instagram pics I took. Be sure to follow me @IrresistibleIcing and I’ll follow you back!

Cape Hatteras Chuy Chihuahua Collage

Dog Treat Meme

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